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Viktor Fábián

My name is Viktor Fábián. I am doing my second year on masters to become a PE teacher at TE. Throughout these five years I was an Erasmus student two times in Spain. First in Sevilla and second time in Valencia. I have had a great Erasmus experience there. I became an employee of Erasmus Life Budapest the last week.
The reason why I would like to apply for being an Erasmus mentor is basically that I would like to help the incoming students. There is a lot of difficulties for a foreign student specially at the beggining. I have already faced these challanges when I was abroad so I could be a useful help as a member of the team. I have nearly 5 years of experience at the school which allows me to help the Erasmus students in case they need anything. Also it brings me joy to show and introduce them the hungarian culture. The most popular places, buildings in Budapest or Hungary. As a member of the ELB crew I can inform the incoming students about the upcoming events of the organization. This job would be a useful experience for me too. I can learn a lot from the foreign students and could improve my or language and organazing skills.
I wish I could be a part of the crew to help others and in the meantime help myself to improve.

I am new old member of the mentor group from now on ;) I am a 5th year student studying PE on the masters. I have been on erasmus twice so i kinda know what it is like :p So in case you need any help i am more than happy to answear any questions. I became amember of Erasmus Life Budapest recently so i am gonna post some stuff from there as well in case you are interested. (As Juli said it costs more than ESN but there are new people and many programs for you. You can reach me on Facebook or Whatsupp. Either way :) Language code is: hungarian-english-spanish!

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