2017. február 23., csütörtök

Viktor Fábián

My name is Viktor Fábián. I am doing my second year on masters to become a PE teacher at TE. Throughout these five years I was an Erasmus student two times in Spain. First in Sevilla and second time in Valencia. I have had a great Erasmus experience there. I became an employee of Erasmus Life Budapest the last week.
The reason why I would like to apply for being an Erasmus mentor is basically that I would like to help the incoming students. There is a lot of difficulties for a foreign student specially at the beggining. I have already faced these challanges when I was abroad so I could be a useful help as a member of the team. I have nearly 5 years of experience at the school which allows me to help the Erasmus students in case they need anything. Also it brings me joy to show and introduce them the hungarian culture. The most popular places, buildings in Budapest or Hungary. As a member of the ELB crew I can inform the incoming students about the upcoming events of the organization. This job would be a useful experience for me too. I can learn a lot from the foreign students and could improve my or language and organazing skills.
I wish I could be a part of the crew to help others and in the meantime help myself to improve.

I am new old member of the mentor group from now on ;) I am a 5th year student studying PE on the masters. I have been on erasmus twice so i kinda know what it is like :p So in case you need any help i am more than happy to answear any questions. I became amember of Erasmus Life Budapest recently so i am gonna post some stuff from there as well in case you are interested. (As Juli said it costs more than ESN but there are new people and many programs for you. You can reach me on Facebook or Whatsupp. Either way :) Language code is: hungarian-english-spanish!

2016. december 27., kedd

Hungarian Christmas from a Taiwanese point of view

It is my first time to celebrate Christmas in Europe. Thanks for Peter inviting us to his home and celebrate Christmas with his family. In fact, I didn't believe that people would put "real" presents under the Christmas tree before I came here. But now I realize that it's true. The best is that they will prepare presents for family in Christmas. The presents could be clothes, shoes, smart phone, furnishings, etc. I like Peter and his family because they let me feel what love is through their living. Christmas in Hungary is like Chinese New Year in Taiwan. It's just little difference between celebrations. I’m surprised that no any shop, market, even the transportation system open or operate in Christmas Eve. (Stores won't close during Chinese New Year in Taiwan.) I like such of this custom, although it is not convenience for someone. Anybody can go home and eat dinner with family. Peter's mom made a lot of food for Christmas Eve (salmon, goose liver with toast, etc). I like them so much I’ll never forget the day in my lifetime.

2016. november 21., hétfő

Meckenzie Strong, Incoming student from Canada

I am currently in my 3rd year of the Bachelor of Arts in Kinesiology undergrad program at Western Univeersity  with a major in Disability Studies. I first began having an interest in Kinesiology and Disability Studies when i started volunteering with Special Olympics Canada. Being a coach and trainer for both of soccer team and tee-ball team, i was able to gain a lot of experience working with people of all ages and skill levels. Outside of volunteering, besides doing school work, I like to spend my time tryíing new things. This past year i participated in activity courses as a part of my Kinesiology degree and was able to try sports that i had previously never participated in.

Anna Leszczyńska , Incoming Student

Hi! My name is Anna. I am from Warsaw, Poland. I love to travel. I am interested in healty lifestyle
and fashion. My hobbies are sports : lacrosse, tennis and ballet. I am open minded, curious of the
world. I love to experience new things. I try to stay positive no matter what.!

2016. október 11., kedd



Hello there, my name is Semih. I am from İzmir, Turkey and 34 years old. Most of you may think that what is this guy doing here at this age as a student. Well this is my 2nd university. There was no program like Erasmus when I was studying. So I couldn't miss that 2nd chance. I studied veterinary medicine before and worked as a vet for 9 years. I have never become a 9 to 5 person and was not totally satisfied with my job. So I quit it almost 2 years ago and here I am. Trying to show myself that everything is possible, it's never  too late. I am a vegan, nature lover,  camper, passionate cyclist and a good traveller. I like learning new languages, and reading ofcourse. I am also interested in simple living, tiny houses and permaculture. Ohh I was almost forgetting that I am really into drumming as well. I started learning it 2 years ago and am trying to practice everyday. I absolutely love it. I think that's enough for now. Looking forward to meeting you in Budapest.

2016. szeptember 28., szerda

Shaun-Paul Lopez

Dear Miss Julie Kiraly / Sir / Mdm,

My given name is Shaun-Paul Lopez and I am from the tropical island city state of Singapore. My coursemates call me "Shaun" and I am in Budapest for the ICC (International Coaching Course) in TF for 11 weeks (yes... only 11 weeks 😭), where I will be learning more about coaching and about my sport, Fencing. This is my first time living abroad and I am very excited to be here!

In Singapore, I run a fencing club and am a fencing coach. In my previous life ... I used to be a Substitute Teacher in a Secondary School (3 years) and then became a Flight Steward working for Singapore Airlines (also 3 years). All the flying and travelling I did in my previous job left in me a 'wanderlust'. So it's no wonder that I jumped at the chance to study here in Budapest when the application for the course came up.

As this is my first time living overseas, it is a perfect opportunity for me to learn more about other cultures and make friends from all around the world. I personally feel that one can never have too many friends!

It would be great if I am given a chance to join in any activities organised by the school or students in my free time with the hope of being able to bond with not only my coursemates but also the local Hungarians and other Erasmus students.

Thank you for taking the time to read my introduction.
Please let me know if this introduction and motivation is adequate or it needs reworking.☺

Yours Sincerely,

Shaun-Paul Lopez

2016. szeptember 19., hétfő

Latvian visitors

Nice to meet you "Latvia guys " you are nice men, we went to the party yesterday, you taught us a lot of how to drink alcohol. It's really happy for us ,although My face was really red(really really red!!) ,but I enjoyed the time with you. Thank you so much "Julie" because you always show where is the way to our home, even it is 2 or 3 am ... you always accompany us (ex. Miss last subway, team and bus....) we were unlucky guys , but I think it's destiny ,because we have more time to chat and know each other