2016. szeptember 12., hétfő

Mr. Máté Rozmán

Dear Erasmus,

I would like to apply to the Mentor position what you advertise.

I chose the position because I would like to make new friendships with foreign people. I also would like to know their culture. I would like to learn a couple of term in their mother tongue and make connection in the near future.

Right now I have a B2 euroexam language exam but I would like to get a higher exam such as TOEFL. In my opinion this opportunity would help me to reach my goal.

I think about myself as a very open minded very friendly and patient person. Budapest has many opportunities and places to explore so I would like to have fun with my new friends

Yours Faithfully,
Mate Rozman

I would like to meet new people who has different culture, and speak different language. I really like to hang out with foreign folks. I would also improve my English

I play soccer. I also like to read and listen to music a lot. Moreover, there are tons of opportunities and events in the city so i really like being there with my friends


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