2016. szeptember 7., szerda

Mr. Péter Hill


I am Peter Hill and I am 21. I live near Budapest, in Érd. I am studying as Sport manager in University of Physical Education. I do sports whole of my life and I played water polo.

I am working in Hungarian Handball Federation as Sport organizer. I was member of the organizer team in big projects (e.g.: 2016 Women’s EHF Final4 and VII. Beach Handball World Championship).

When I have leisure time, I spend it with my friends. I like traveling and making new friendships.

Best wishes,


Cover Letter

Dear Erasmus Student,

I applied for this mentor program, because I would like to make new friendships and I'm very curious about how are these sport organizations work in foreign countries and I wonder what kind of education the sport managers get for example to improve. This program is a very good opportunity to use English every day.

Best wishes,
Peter Hill

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