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Alejandro Guzmán Cano

Introduction letter

My name is Alejandro Guzmán Cano. I am from Castellón, Spain. I am in my third year of Science of Physical Activity and Sport at the “Universidad Católica San Vicente Martir”. In this letter, I am going to tell you little bit about my background, interests, achievements and my goals.
I was born in a small city called Castellón de la Plana (01/10/1993). It is located about 60 kilometres north of the city of Valencia which is 3th largest city in Spain. Castellón de la Plana is known for its traditional festivities and a wonderful seaport where you can enjoy eating the famous shellfish rice.
As a student, I passed from “Ramiro Izquierdo Elementary/Middle School”. After that, I got my certificate from “I.E.S Sos Baynat High school” at the age of 18. I spend my first 19 year of life in Castellón de la Plana before moving to Valencia. I started going to “Universidad Católica San Vicente Martir” for my studies in Science of Physical Activity and Sport. I focused on achieving my goals including learning English language, participating in extracurricular activities, and doing well in all my classes.
I like playing all sports, especially Handball. When I was young, I realized that I loved teamwork and all sports team where you have to collaborate with your teammates to be successful. On account of that, at the age of 12 I became part of Handball team “Club Balonmano Castellón”. I never give up this great team and nowadays I’m still playing with them. Two years ago also played football on a team with my childhood friends that I keep since my years in the “Ramiro Izquierdo School”. But unfortunately, playing football I suffered a serious injury in my left ankle. Because of that, I had an ankle surgery. Fortunately, right now I’m recovered.

I have achieved many different goals in life but the biggest one is to be able to study what I love, Science of Physical Activity and Sport. At this moment, my new goals include finish my degree, get my first job and improve my English meeting people around the world. I think Erasmus would be a great opportunity.

Motivation Letter

My name is Alejandro Guzmán Cano, currently attending the Universidad Católica of Valencia in my third year. When I was given the chance to go abroad for studying I do not hesitate to accept it.
Budapest University of Physical Education provides me a new opportunity to discover a completely different educational system with all the advantages it involves: new teachers, way different sort of learning, different attitudes towards problems and life in general, a multicultural environment. Besides, living away from your hometown makes you discover how truly important are small things in life and teaches you the necessity of responsibility and human sense. And all of this simply pushes definitely you to mature in a new scenario, that’s Budapest.
On the one hand, I have the strong idea this exchange programme would greatly improve my academic future as well as my close employment prospects. Because, indeed, studying abroad at the University of Budapest is a great opportunity so as to strengthen and consolidate my prior basic knowledge in the environment of the sport science.
On the other hand, I take this adventure in need of improving and developing as much as I can my English too, even Hungarian.
Finally, I would like to mention that living in other city, so far away and different from Spain, and attending other University will help me to mature and grow in all senses. At the same time I will strengthen and widen both academically and personally which I believe is essential to my future.
That is why I am writing this motivational letter in order to mention my strong interest in participating in your undergraduate program during the Fall Period 2016-2017 at the Budapest University of Physical Education.
For sure, this is the opportunity I have been waiting my entire life.

Thank you for making my dream comes true.

Best Regards,
Alejandro Guzmán Cano

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