2016. június 8., szerda

Lucía Villa Peralta


Hello, my name is Lucía Villa Peralta and I am 19 years old. I am from a village of Granada called Almuñecar, but I live in the capital where I study Sport Science at the University of Granada. I love doing sport. I have practice dance for 12 years and I have swum for 5 years. I love running and walking for the environment, I ride my bike like transport when the weather is good. I am a friendly and extrovert person, I love meeting new people.


Why did I choose Budapest? This country was my first option when I applied for Erasmus, I didn´t know why, but I am sure that it was my best decision. I am very happy with it. I visited Budapest when I was 15 years old and I fell in love with this place. My expectations in Budapest are really high. I would like to live a year with a lot of good experiencies that I could never forgot. I would like to travel as much as I can and know new cultures, different languages, different styles of life,..
One of my main aims in Budapest is learning a lot of English. I have the B1 of English and French, but nowadays, is neccesary obtain the B2 o C1 for highlight in the working world.
I hope spend a really good time in Budapest and to live one of the best exdperinces of my life

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