2016. június 1., szerda

Chun-Jui WANG

Introduction letter

Hi, my name is Chun-Jui WANG. I'm from a happy family. I'm a rational personal so I like to solve problems. But I am also a sensitive person so I feel sad when I know an accident happens. Fencing is my specialty. My hobbies are exercise and reading. I like to try different kinds of sports when I have free time. But sometimes I also like to have some quite time to sit down and think. I really appreciate that I have the chance to go to TF as an exchange student. I will join the 2017 Summer Universiade held in my country, Taiwan. So I wish I can also exchange my skills with European athletes during my stay in Hungary.

Motivation letter
I won the youth championship in Fencing Ranking in 2015 in my country, Taiwan. But I think if I only practice here, it is hard for me to upgrade my fencing skills and ability. Being trained abroad and participating in international competitions are the best ways for me to improve my fencing skills. I will join the 2017 Summer UNIVERSIADE. Since most of the fencing competitions are held in Europe, I hope I can take this wonderful opportunity to go to TF to learn more and different advanced fencing skills. And I can also exchange my skills with different fencers to help me to achieve better competition results in 2017 Summer UNIVERSIADE. In addition, through the exchange experience, I hope that I can improve my language ability and have a better understanding about cultures, education system and sport development in Hungry. 

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