2016. június 1., szerda

Yao-Chih SHIH

Hello, my name is Yao-Chih SHIH. You can call me Stan. I'm 22 years old and I'm from Hsinchu City, Taiwan. My birthday is on September 14th. I'm a high jump player. My best record is 2 meters. I have practiced this sport since 7 years ago. I like to play volleyball, too. When I was an elementary school student, I was trained as a volleyball player. I like to make friends. I also like to listen to the music when I have free time. Music always makes me relaxed and more concentrated on sports or study.

Motivation letter
Two years ago, when I was a third-year student at university, I had a chance to be an exchange student. But I gave up for I had to practice a lot to be an outstanding athlete. Now I made my mind to go to TF because my schoolmate, who was an exchange student last year, told me that there were many historical buildings and different cultures in Hungary. In addition, to my knowledge, there have been many Olympic medalists trained by TF. I wonder how they scientifically train the athletes in Europe and how they develop local sports atmosphere. That also motivated me to go to TF.

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