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David Saez Rodenas

Self‐Introduction Letter

This is David Saez Rodenas (1995/05/22), born and raised in La Vall de Uxó (Spain). As a student, I passed from “Rosario Perez Elementary/ Middle School” at the age of 12. After that, I got my certificate from “I.E.S Benigaslo High School” at the age of 18 and straightaway I approved, at the first convocation, the mandatory exam to get into the Catholic University Saint Vincent Martyr. I have always loved the health sciences and physical education area of education system. In fact since I received my first instruction, I have been always involved in that area, in which I enjoy the most and I feel completely comfortable and safe with my own about what to do. The more I become involved in the physical education realm, the more curios I feel and want to learn. At this time I am enrolled at the third level of university, so I have one more year l left to graduate from college.
As a person, I consider myself a joyful, hardworker and, openminded creature. I do love to share my passions and likes with others. I am a person who has to keep in touch and establish new relations with other people, overall with new people. From my point of view, I think that people have the need to get in contact with others. Communication is the most magnificent and imperative tool that human being has acquired. Since the first stages of life, people have survived due to the relations between each other. Therefore, what each one of us should do is to get out of his or her comfort zone, go ahead fearless and, explore the world as much as a person is able.

Motivation Letter

Nowadays to study abroad is one of the biggest fears and difficult decisions to take. When any individual has the opportunity to realize this experience, a bunch of thoughts and feelings come around your mind. Since this possibility turned on in a reality on my life, I have never doubted to put all my directions together to reach it. At that moment when it still was a simple consideration and since the first time, none negative believed went through what I really wanted to do: spend time studying in other country. I have always desired and have felt jealous when someone informed me about a student is studying in a country that is not his or her homeland, earning that personal, social, cultural and, educative knowing that every person has to have, regardless of the language. Hence, the main reasons by which I decided to study in Hungary are: to learn new methods of training, know how another Central European country works in the area of exercise, and to get use to the mentality of Hungarian people. At first sight, what I think I will get from this experience is a huge friendship that will remain with me forever, personal and emotional growth since during this period of my life I am by myself (first time ever), acquisition the required characteristics for facing every problem that comes out and, the most important thing, to gain the indispensable and useful ability to treat and
relate with everyone no matter the ethnicity, sex or background.

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