2016. augusztus 2., kedd

Mr. Benjamin Juhász

My name is Benjamin Juhasz, I am 23 years old, I am studying Recreation. I will start my master studies at this semester. My module is Recreation. I have spent my Erasmus in the United Kingdom. Before that, I had spent 4 months in Zagreb, in Croatia. I used to play soccer for 10 years. Nowadays I swim and do work out. I am interested in most of the sports, besides this, I like cooking, watching films, listening to music etc.. I like to work with people especially with children. Due to the fact that I have lived in abroad as a student I know how much a mentor can mean for a new incomer. Therefore I would like to help you in anything what I can, in order to make your study abroad period a great time. Feel free to contact me. Enjoy your time in our great city, Budapest. =)

I would like to be a mentor of a foreign student in the next semester, as I have experienced how important and useful can be this support for an exchange student. Especially in the first few weeks, a mentor can help with the assimilation to go smoothly and make it as convenient as it can be for a new incomer student. Besides this, after improving my English in the United Kingdom, I would like to keep this level, consequently it would be useful for me to talk in English again. In addition, i am interested in to learn to speak German also.

Furthermore, I learnt how much you can learn from people who come from a different culture. You can meet different aspects of worldview, different ways of thinking, etc. Sincerely I think the mentor program can be useful for the student and the mentor equally.

All in all, the purpose of this letter is to apply for an Erasmus mentor position. I would like to help to another student who will come to our country and our university in the following semester. I will put an effort to make the Erasmus time for him or her a pleasant experience. In addition I would like to reach to evolve a good opinion about Hungary for the foreign student.

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