2016. május 30., hétfő

Hanna Jędrzejewska


My name is Hania and I’m 21 years old. I was born and raised in Warsaw. I am a middle
child, having one older brother and one younger sister.
Since I was a little child, my biggest interest were animals and nature. I started to learn
horse riding when I was seven and it became my biggest passion, which I’m truth to ever
Last year I was studying economics at the Warsaw School of Economics, but I didn’t like it,
so I decided to quit. Currently I study Tourism and Recreation at the Academy of Physical
Education and I like it way more. Simultaneously I work as a horse groom and horse riding
I also love to travel and learn other cultures so I try to explore new places whenever I can.
My biggest adventure was when I travelled around Europe with a friend, using Interrail. I was
only once outside Europe though and my dream is to visit every continent!
During the academic year, when studying and working prevent me from leaving Warsaw, I
try to meet new people by hosting them at my place (I’ve created an account at
couchsurfing.com which makes it pretty easy and relatively safe :)
My other interests are books, movies, music and cooking. I attend a lot of music and film
festivals, trying to volunteer at some, when I have the time to do so.

Motivation letter

Erasmus program was always described to me as one of the best experiences that can be gained during studies. Since I love to travel, it was certain to me, that I have to participate in it at some point of my education.
I study Tourism and Recreation at the Academy of Physical Education in Warsaw. I love all kinds of activities, but I never was much of a sportswomen I have tried many disciplines but never participated in competitions. However, I think that choosing the University of Physical Education in Budapest might be a really good idea reading about it gave me the overall impression of how much I can gain by studying there. I think that being a part of it’s international community, even for a while, may change a lot in my life and build irreplaceable memories.
While staying in Budapest I would not only like to study, but also meet the people of the city and learn about their culture. I was in Hungary once and I really loved it people there were very hospitable and generous. Getting to know them better and making lifetime friendships will be very exciting and I’m looking forward to it! Also the capital city, which I didn’t have the occasion to visit, is at the top of my list of the places to visit.
Living abroad is also a great way to build selfconfidence and practice languages so I really
hope, that staying in Budapest will help me improve both. Leaving a comfort zone is a difficult thing, yet I know I will not regret it.

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