2016. május 30., hétfő

Niklas Woelker


Dear Ms. Priosca,
my name is Niklas Woelker and I’m 22 years old. Currently I study and live in Potsdam, Germany with two of my friends in a shared apartment. I have always been travelling around the world to experience something new and that is also a reason why I want to attend the Erasmus program. I’m really looking forward to it and hope to meet great people and get to see Hungary not just as a tourist but as a part of the entire community.

Kind regards,
Niklas Woelker


Dear Ms. Pirosca,
in the following I present my motivation why I would like to attend the Erasmus program and study one semester abroad. I am applying at the “University of Physical Education” in Budapest for the autumn semester 2016.
Presently I am studying Sports Management in the fourth semester of the Bachelor’s degree at the University of Potsdam. This field of study perfectly combines my passion for sports and the theoretical basis in Sport Sciences and Business Studies. I believe at this university everyone has the same interests and hobbies. That is why I would like to become a part of this university and community. The courses for Erasmus students are taught mostly in English and not studying in my mother tongue would be another challenge in my academic career. However I feel very motivated by this challenge because I have already spent a couple of years living in the United States of America and I can improve my English even more.
Beside the academic point of view, one semester abroad would give me an unique opportunity of getting to know Budapest and hopefully a bit of the rest of Hungary. Especially Budapest has always been an exciting city I have heard about but was unfortunately never able to visit.
By living in another country is a good way of understanding and learning another culture. It is very important to show respect and openness towards the new culture. Only by this it is possible to integrate yourself successfully, without thinking in stereotypes or having misconceptions of the foreign culture.
One semester abroad would be another chance of exploring new things and enhance myself in a positive way.
I would be thrilled to be selected on the Erasmus program.

Friendly regards,

Niklas Woelker

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