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Réka Szende Kövesi

Introduction letter

First of all, I would like to thank you for giving me such opportunity to study in University of Physical Education from Budapest. I want to introduce my self. My name is Kövecsi Réka, I’m 22 years old and I come from Romania, Cluj-Napoca the heart of Transylvania. Last year I’m graduate the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport. In 2015 october I’m started the Master degree in  Physical therapy of MSDs.

The reason of my change is to see how to read the sport sciences in other university. I’m a very friendly, opened mind and succes-oriented person. I like sports, travels, nature and animals. I like the challenges and i’m adaptable in a new situations. I hope this change will positively influence my studies and career. I hope I will meet a lot of interesting people and I will have greatest experience.

Motivation letter

Dear Sir/Madam,

My name is Kövecsi Réka, I am currently doing my master studies in Kinetotheraphy as a 1’st year student at Babeș—Bolyai University, Faculty of Physical Education and Sport. I would like to apply for the Erasmus scholarship, because I believe this program offers me, as an exchange students, a great experience in a foreign country. At first I heard about the scholarship’s possibility from my acquaintances. Later I was concerned that I would not like to miss such an opportunity.

My decision for applying for this program is based on the fact that I am fond of new challenges. As a good example to this, I have to say that within the past three years I learned to get involved into the life of the university. As a result I also learnt how to do my own best, mostly regarding doing serious tasks.

The Erasmus scholarship can offer me an opportunity to feel what it means to be a student in another city, not in your hometown. I was born in Cluj, and I lived here most of my life, so this chance will give me much more than I could imagine. By living abroad I would like to establish relationships that may last in the future, I am interested in knowing new places and the most important thing is to be taught in a different educational system.

The university made me realize that I can do more than I have ever imagined: I can face problems, I am now able to find solutions to unexpected situations, which can be justified by the fact that my classmates trusted me so much that I was appointed to be the delegate of the group who deals with its tasks and administration. For me this scholarship is not only a simple opportunity. It’s the first step towards making my dreams come true.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Yours sincerely,
Kövecsi Réka

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