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Marius Schaepermeier


Hello, my name is Marius Schäpermeier. I am 22 years old and I am studying and living in Potsdam (which is close to Berlin). Since I am 5 or 6 years old I'm playing football and I am also interested in other type of sports. Therefore I decided,to study Sports Management after my Highschool diploma.

In my spare time I often hang out with my friends or play football in a park. I'm really looking forward to spend my time in Budapest and meet new people.


Dear Sir or Madam,

In the following I present my motivation why I would like to attend the Erasmus program and study one semester abroad. I am applying at the 'University of physical Education' in Budapest for the autumn semester 2016.

Presently I am studying Sports Management in the forth semester of the Bachelor's degree at the
University of Potsdam. This field of study perfectly combines my passion for sports and the theoretical basics in Sport Sciences and Business Studies. This passion brings me to the reason why I am interested in becoming an Erasmus-student at your University.

The university offers many Sport courses which I'm interested in. Furthermore I can study some of the Sport Science courses which I need in Germany. I believe tthat at your university everyone has similar interests and hobbies. That is why I would like to become a part of this university and community. Furthermore not studying in my mother tongue would be a completly new challenge in my academic career. However I feel very motivated by this challenge.

Beside the academic point of view, one semester abroad would give me an unique opportunity of getting to know Budapest and hopefully a bit of the rest of Hungary. I have never been in Hungary, but I am very curious and interested to get to know the culture and enhance my social skills in cross-cultural competence.

By living in another country is a good way of understanding and learning another culture. It is very important of showing respect and openness towards the new culture. Only by this it is possible to integrate yourself successfully, without thinking in stereotypes or having misconceptions of the foreign culture.

I am very interested in getting to know the different climate and typical Hungarian rituals and traditions. How does the traditional meals taste like? What kind of free time activities are favoured of the students from the University? These are questions I am interested in and I would love to descry the answers for myself.
I think the experience in living abroad is very important. Many of my fellow students travelled in Australia or South America for example, but I missed the chance to live in an foreign country by myself.. Therefore I am looking forward to this new experience. Also I know how important it is to speak fluent english and I can improve my language skills.

One semester abroad at the 'University of physical Education' in Budapest would be my chance of exploring new things and enhance myself in a positive way. Also I am looking forward to create my own Network of people which is essential for my future.

I would be thrilled to be selected on the Erasmus program.

Kind regards,

Marius Schäpermeier

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