2016. május 30., hétfő

Salvador Lozano Llin

Motivation Letter

 Hi, I'm Salvador Lozano, a student of 3rd-A CAFD of the Catholic University of Valencia and next to the Erasmus scholarship year will my fourth year at your headquarters in Budapest. First, I decided to go to Budapest because it has always been a city that I would have liked to travel, given the chance and thought it would be good choice not pass it and take it. Also, I have colleagues who have studied there and I really recommended the university, both the level and the treatment received during the instance. From my point of view, to study abroad is an opportunity that comes very close to what will be the output to work, where you know no one and try to make an effort both studies as avail yourself alone in situations to you're not used to. This helps prepare you to stand out and that companies see something different about you. I would also like to emphasize that one of my goals is to improve the English language therefore interact with people from other places makes this look better. Finally, I hope to take the opportunity they have given me and learn from this new experience to the fullest. Salvador Lozano Llin

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