2016. május 30., hétfő

Matthis Bagge

Introduction Letter

Hello I´m Matthis, I´m 21 years old and I live in Cologne in Germany where I study Sport and Health. I play Basketball in my free time, I also play soccer.
Furthermore I like to listen to music especially House, Rock or Hip Hop and I spend my free time with friends to hang out outside or to play card- or video games. I´m a relaxed guy who is nearly every time in good mood and I would describe myself as open-minded.
In the summer I enjoy to travel to music-festivals where I also meet new interesting people so I´m really excited to come to Budapest for an interesting and joyful stay.
If you have any questions feel free to ask!

Motivation Letter

My interest to become a sport therapist specialized on Healthiness at the moment so I try to deepen my knowledge at the University of Physical Education. Another motivation is to improve my English and I am excited to meet new people.
I expect a lot of new impressions and that I will get to a lot of new things like the city and Hungary together with other countries next to it. I am excited to explore the city, to see beautiful spots and to listen to good music and I am interested about a student´s life at another University.
I´m confident that my expectations match very well with the city and the University of Physical Education so I look forward to this experience.

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