2016. augusztus 22., hétfő

Being a mentor means to me...

Being a mentor means to me...

to get know students from all around the world, and host them at my university.
to get know Hungarian students with similar interest.
to practice foreign languages, and being international at home as well.
to translate delivery notifications by post and medical records.
to get help from a native English speaker, when I need it.
to explain and argue, that Hungary has real beaches.
to annoy foreign students why they still don't speak Hungarian.
to laugh at them, when they try to pronounce Hungarian words.
to learn a few words in a lot of languages, and be proud you know them.
to discuss what they think about Hungary, Budapest, our education system, and our university.
to talk about sport in their own countries.
to try foods from different countries, even if I'm at home.
to be jealous, and feeling nostalgic they have their Erasmus experience right now.
to keep in touch after their mobility.

Keszti Mihály

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