2016. augusztus 16., kedd

Ms.Fanni Bajkor

I am writing to apply for being an Erasmus mentor, advised by a friend. I am thoroughly keen on collecting information in foreign countries and this kind of knowledge could help to navigate the other participants.
My name is Fanni Bajkor. I will begin my first year at university. I have been learning foreign languages for 13 years. First I started learning German. I have been pursuing rhythmic gymnastics since I was five and it became the significant part of my life, however now I aim at trying myself in other things.          
 I believe that I am suitable for this programme, because I am very enthusiastic, curious and purposeful. I am open-minded for other cultures, languages and the knowledge coming from these factors, and I am ready to try everything new with pleasure, not to mention that I love learning.
Last year I was a participant at the Erasmus+ program, which was a lifetime experience and I never have such a wonderful holiday.

I think after taking part in this programme, I will have a wider knowledge in many fields, including scientific, linguistic and personal areas. I completely aware of the hardships of learning in a foreign country, hence I will be your helpful partner.

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