2016. augusztus 11., csütörtök

Mr. Máté Takács

I decided to apply to be a mentor because I think it is really important to show the non-nationals what Budapest is famous for. There is plenty more to see than the Buda castle and Heroes Square. As a local who has been living in Buda for 23 years, I know the capital well. Speaking English is not a problem as I have passed the language exam years ago. Besides this, last semester I studied in Izmir, Turkey for half a year. When I was there, I remember the first day when we did some sightseeing. I was buzzing to see the city, but instead of getting the basic facts about Izmir, which is a really beautiful city, we got lost in the bazar because they were not prepared enough. Although we had fun, I did not get the information I wanted. I just wanted to say that I know how not to perform a sightseeing. When this happened I decided that if I am going to be a mentor, I must definitely do it much better because with a performance like that, I would not step on a stage.

Having spent time in Turkey, I am not saying that I speak fluent Turkish, but I understand them and the basic sentences, which can be a benefit, because Turkish students love coming to Hungary (since they think we are both the sons of Attila). Some of the Turk students told me they really wanted to come to Hungary as a student, which would give me an opportunity to meet them again. Although at times it was a little challenging, I found the whole experience both rewarding but extremely enjoyable.

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