2016. augusztus 30., kedd

Ms. Krisztina Belá

Hi Guys and Gals!

My name is Kriszti, I study Human Kinesiology and I’ve been living in Budapest for almost 3 years. It is a vibrant and diverse city with awesome sights, spots and programs that are waiting for you to see day and night! :) Whatever your preferences, I’m sure there are lots of things for you, let it be sports, cultural programs or gigs and nightlife! We also organize Erasmus get togethers. These are also fun and diverse, lots of playing, showing off cooking skills or doing sports together. I won’t spoil more, you will see for yourself!

Hope to meet you all very soon! 
Motivation letter

I am currently a student of the University of Physical Education in Budapest. I study Human Kinesiology and I am starting my last Bachelor’s year in September so I have been living in Budapest for 2,5 years now. I have also participated in an Erasmus exchange myself, where I had the chance to spend a semester in England. With this experience, I can state that I know how it feels to be a fresh face at a foreign environment.

I am applying for the Erasmus Mentor program this year again because I think it is a great way to meet foreign people and get to know different cultures. I really enjoyed being a mentor and helping students with whatever I could. Being new to a foreign city and university can be overwhelming at first and I would really like to help so that students can get the most out of their stay. I find the program very useful to practice English communication skills as well.

I find this program to be extremely fun all in all. It is not only exciting for the exchange students but for the mentors as well. It is a great way to express hospitality and show as much of the city, culture and life here as possible so that the students can return home with fulfilled dreams and lots of memories. From my past exchange experiences I know that friendships can be made for a lifetime during these stays. I also know how easy it is to get attached to a place, especially if people are surrounded with new friends and lots of activities. I truly think this is a great opportunity for both the newcomer and the receiving parties.

Thank you for considering my application. Looking forward to your positive response.

Yours faithfully
Krisztina Belá

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