2016. augusztus 23., kedd

Being a mentor means to me...

n the last couple of months I have had the chance to experience the life of a mentor - I organised some programmes for incoming Erasmus team by myself, gave them useful information as fast as I could and finally, the most popular and maybe the most challenging task: I tried to translate from our „easy” language or vica versa. I have realised how important mentors' work is to integrate Erasmus students to a new country and help them. During their mobility, mentors also learn something great from students in return. Firstly, it was a big challange for me. I just saw different students from all around the world and I didn't know how to make them a close contact. But I started to spend my freetime with the incoming students - we went hiking together, I met them in bars in a couple of evenings- therefore I got the opportunity to get to know them better. During this time I realised that they are really great people who brought numerous sunny moments to my life. I found some friends in this group. Although they went home I still keep the contact, they became a part of my life and I'm sure that I will never forget them and the last half year. I would strongly recommend this opportunity for those who would like to get to know with people from different cultures and those who would also like to learn exciting things about these countries.

Kurucz Anita

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